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This week we hook up with Kurtz, a music producer, sound designer, vocalist and DJ from Teramo, Italy. This picture perfect location, surrounded by coastlines and mountain ranges, provides an insight to the essence of his musical productions…

chilled out, soulful, deep indie-house beats, perfect for sunshine and cocktails

Kurtz has managed amazingly well to balance his passion for music with other more socially responsible tasks, like supporting his loving wife, being a father to a beautiful newborn baby girl, and working full time in the IT industry to pay the bills. It’s the kind of balance that allows him to have the best of both worlds and his radical passion for music keeps him super productive despite his other commitments.

“Sure ordinary work subtracts time for music, but from another point of view, it gives me the privilege to play and produce the music I like, to buy the expensive gear to make music seriously and to follow other passions in my life like traveling, reading books, watching movies and buying lots of Vinyl!”

jazz is the “real thing” to me, music for the soul and mind at the same time

Jazz came before electronic music and before jazz came classical guitar, music theory and vocal studies, which brought me to listen and play Pop/Rock in many forms and in different bands. In between I always loved clubbing, in particular electronic music festivals. Anyway jazz is the “real thing” to me, music for the soul and mind at the same time and I have found great and genuine satisfaction and inspiration in it. I passed through downtempo music (chill-out, electronic, trip-hop) too. Now I feel fine producing deep-house, indie-dance in my own studio, mostly by myself, mixing all my background in dance-oriented forms.

I use both Ableton Live and Cubase 6 for producing music. I’m a Certified Steinberg Trainer and love this DAW’s audio engine and Cubase’s powerful tools for editing MIDI, recording multiple takes of analog sources or the complete mixer interface/routing capabilities. From the other side I consider Ableton Live a perfect companion for the artist’s creativity, in particular, Session View is magic for developing your ideas quickly and its time-stretching algorithm is fantastic for merging loops with original material. My workflow starts from Ableton along with AKAI APC-40, pass through Cubase for mixing (using Rewire) and ends in Wavelab for mastering.

HOT OFF THE PRESS – Kurtz vs. Youngs2ar – FLAME

Voted Number One EP on the Tunnel FM Top 20 Chart (Week 45, 2012)

The story behind this vocal recording is funny. When I listened to Youngs2ar’s idea I was immediately captured by the initial synth and by the vocal phrase used. I ended up with my version in a few days but then I realized that these vocals couldn’t be used because of copyright restrictions! We decided to not give up and started writing new original lyrics and vocal lines. It took a week to collect several ideas and mounting them together but the final result is what I wanted for the track and even better than the original vocal loop!

I always use analog gear in my productions

On the Flame EP I used Access Virus and Korg Triton Rack for creating synth and effects, Lexicon PCM91 for reverbs and SSL Xlogic Alpha Channel for processing drum elements. Then UAD Cambridge EQ across the lot. I also like VST’s for their total-recall capabilities, such as NI Massive for creating bassline or stabs, NI Absynth or LoungeLizard for pads/chords.

For the remixes in the Flame EP I tried to save the “form-song” structure I had in mind while laying down the deep-house flavor and the pulsing beat for a final working dance-floor tune. For satisfying the whole audience we created a Dub version and teamed up with our fellows Marco Soave and Mr.Fresh. They joined us with two amazing dance-oriented remixes and I want to thank them again for contributing to the final effect with their unique love and passion in music.

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Raised in Aotearoa, percolated in Amsterdam and recording in New York. Balkstar produces phat beats, percussion grooves, future bass and maahahaaad synths.

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